[Samba] Changing Domain Passwords

Nigel Allen dna at edrs.com.au
Mon Mar 9 00:44:11 GMT 2009


Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

Given a network of Linux based servers with a Linux based PDC (Centos 
3.9) running samba 3.0.26a and NIS with Windows-XP clients, we want to 
enforce password changing policies for the Windows Domain.

We want to have users able to change their own passwords at required but 
with some control over minimum complexity, re-use etc. We want them to 
be able to change their passwords from the XP workstations and have that 
change propagated to samba and to NIS without any intervention.

I have tried to implement this but seem to constantly run into problems 
with PAM. If we switch off pam password change in smb.conf, we can 
change passwords from the workstation but they don't get propagated. The 
only way I have been able to achieve what we want is by getting someome 
with root access to change passwords for the end users (not something we 
want to make a habit of).

Any input would be /very/ gratefullt accepted.



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