[Samba] performance problem with 3.2.8: unbuffered reads for some users

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Wed Mar 4 14:09:07 GMT 2009

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 02:50:59PM +0100, Alexander 'Leo' Bergolth wrote:
> http://leo.kloburg.at/tmp/samba/abergolth-unbuffered.pcap
> http://leo.kloburg.at/tmp/samba/smbadmin-buffered.pcap

The key pieces are frame 704 in the buffered and frame 14 in
the unbuffered case. Assuming in both cases the path
\firefox\LICENSE refers to the same physical file on disk
(the traces don't show enough information to see whether
both clients connected to the same share), there is indeed a
difference how the server behaves. In the buffered case it
grants an oplock, in the unbuffered case it does not, thus
the difference in behaviour. \firefox\LICENSE indeed does
refer the same physical file, we'd need to see a debug level
10 log.

If however the \firefox\LICENSE does not refer to the same
physical file on disk, I would highly suspect that in the
unbuffered case some other client or another application on
the client has this file open. You can see this in the
output of smbstatus.

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