[Samba] Samba 3.3.5 problem with hostnames in allow hosts list

Tom Crummey tom at ee.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 17 14:08:49 GMT 2009


My environment is Solaris 10 with samba 3.3.5 compiled with gcc 4.1
using OpenLDAP libraries 2.4.

I use netgroups in the allow hosts directive to enable access to my
samba server. This worked in our production version of samba (3.0.28c)
but does not in 3.3.5.

I've done some debugging and it seems the problem occurs in
get_peer_name in lib/util_sock.c

This routine always returns whatever is in the memcache and never seems
to actually perform the sys_getnameinfo call. I don't understand the
logic in get_peer_name:

nc is declared at the top of the function (line 1816), then if
get_peer_name is called with force_lookup==true, the next thing that
happens is a lookup_nc(&nc) (line 1840).

The bit I don't understand is that nc is not initialised between being
declared and the lookup_nc call being performed. To my mind this would
lead to undefined results which might explain why sys_getnameinfo is
never called. Should there be something like

nc.name = get_peer_addr_internal(fd, addr_buf, sizeof(addr_buf),
                        &nc.ss, &length);

before the lookup_nc?

Any help/explanation gratefully received.



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