[Samba] getent group fails

Kevin Blackwell akblackwel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 15:47:04 GMT 2009


Well, I'll try to start at what I think the root of my problems are.

When I do a getent group, I only get a list of the BUILTIN groups.


But if I do a wbinfo -g, all the AD groups show up.

This alone is not the overall problem, but it is creating a problem
because I need getent to return the groups for logging different AD
groups to different log files in squid.

Another problem is the wbinfo_group.pl and I know this is a squid app,
but from what I understand it used wbinfo.

tuser password
Could not get groups for user tuser

I can provice config data and anything else necessary.

Thanks in advance.

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