[Samba] Profiles and samba servers

sgmayo at mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us sgmayo at mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us
Fri Jul 31 08:24:13 MDT 2009

I seem to have my new server running fine.  I do have a problem with my
Windows Profiles though.  I logged in as a local admin to copy
user_oldserver_profile to user_newserver_profile, but I cannot do that
since it shows the profiles from the oldserver as unknown.

I am only going to copy a few of the admins profiles and the rest I am not
worrying about.  I see a couple of ways of doing this.  I could get my
oldserver up, login in as a local user and copy the oldserver profile to a
local profile and then login to my new server and copy that local profile
to the newserver profile.

I guess I could also put both servers online, but since they are running
the same domain name, couldn't that mess things up?  If I were to do that
then I would need to set the oldservers 'os level' to something lower than
the newserver's, 'preferred master = no' and 'domain master = no',

I just don't want to cause problems with having two domain servers that
have the same domain (workgroup = BES) on the network.  I can always do it
the first way, but the second would be easier.

BTW, the usernames have changed is why I am having to move some profiles. 
I changed them from lastname.first_initial to first_initial.lastname.

Thanks for any info.

Scott Mayo - System Administrator
Bloomfield Schools
PH: 573-568-5669  FA: 573-568-4565

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