[Samba] Request for feedback

John H Terpstra - Samba Team jht at samba.org
Wed Jul 22 16:39:53 MDT 2009

A number of years back it became necessary to limit the size of messages
that could be posted to the samba mailing list. The current limit is 64

While it continues be be desirable to block large spam messages, I
believe it is time to ask current subscribers for their preferences.

This list is here to serve the wishes and needs of our subscribers. We
wonder if the time is right to review the size limit of messages that
can be sent to this list.

Please help us to understand your wishes.

What size limit should we observe for messages to this list?

1) 64 KBytes
2) 128 KBytes
3) 256 KBytes
4) 512 KBytes
5) 1 MByte
6) 2 MBytes
7) Any size

Please indicate your preference by reply to this list.


- John T.
List moderator

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