[Samba] Question on Samba and Sun Directory Server 5.2

John Goubeaux goubeaux at education.ucsb.edu
Wed Jul 22 15:54:06 MDT 2009


I recently configured a build of Samba 3.3.4 to auth/integrate with 
an existing SUN DS 5.2 ( with users already in the DS)  and would be 
happy to provide you with my notes as this should help you move in 
the right direction. The schema update file John Terpstra refers to 
was useful to me as well.

Lemme dig my notes up and ship em to you.


At 3:32 PM -0600 7/22/09, Gary Peck wrote:
>I have been asked to implement Samba and integrate it with our Sun 
>Directory 5.2 servers.  I am looking for any advice  that will point 
>me in the right direction.  Such as Schema modifications and such. 
>I have found articles talking about openldap but nothing really 
>about Sun's Directory Server.  I have just started researching this, 
>so any help would be appreciated.
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