[Samba] Cannot generare SSPI context

Muhammad Sharfuddin m.sharfuddin at nds.com.pk
Wed Jul 22 05:14:14 MDT 2009

OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop(SLED) 11

wine version installed on SLED11: 

wine is also installed on SLED11: wine-1.1.26-1.1.i586.rpm

MS SQL Server 2000 SP3 is a Member server.
SLED11 is also a MS Active Directory Domain member/client

Login as Administrator on the MS AD Domain from SLED11

run the following command
'wine control' then choose ODBC.
then on the screen/page "How should SQL server verify the authenticity
of the Login ID?"
I select "with Windows NT authentication using the Network Login ID"
then click on "Next" and got the following error

Connection failed
SQLState: 'HY000'
SQL Server Error: 11002
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Cannot generare SSPI context

I beleive its not the wine issue, its some thing related to
authentication i.e with samba, because I have created odbc
connections(via wine) in a non MS AD environment, and then I have to
select the "with SQL server authentication using a login and password
provided by the user" on the  "How should SQL server verify the
authenticity of the Login ID?" screen/page.

Please help


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