[Samba] smbclient access to VSS on windows servers, possible?

David E. Cross crossd at cs.rpi.edu
Fri Jul 17 23:45:53 MDT 2009

Ok, I am trying to use smbclient (specifically for the puroposes of tar
mode) to access VSS shares on a Windows Server 2008 64bit machine.  I
get the name of the directory from the windows machine under 'previous
versions'.  I am able to access that share from multiple windows
machines, even XP machines without the VSS patches loaded via "dir \
\server\c$\@GMT-2009.07.17-11.00.00" (for example), however the exact
same share gives an object-not found error.  I have even gone so far as
to sniff the protocol between a working machine and a non-working one,
the requests are NEARLY identical, so identical I can only assume that
the 'real' problem is in the SMB dialect negotiation.

I find it difficult (nay, impossible) to believe I am the only one to
have tried this, especially as the vfs_shadow_copy module exists, surely
someone has tried the other direction in the testing?  What am I
missing?  (I have tried multiple smbclient versions from 3.0.old to

David E. Cross

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