[Samba] Problem with offline drive

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Fri Jan 30 18:22:49 GMT 2009

Walter Mautner wrote:
> Bad. Storing mail databases on network drives (in particular when they become 
> bigger) or storing them on a roaming profile path is not supported for 
> Microsofts e-mail programs. Even though Thunderbird/Mozilla don't explicitely 
> forbid it, it is also bad for Thunderbird.
> You would be far better with plain local storage and synchronization or 
> imap/offline imap.
> As a workaround, change the mail profile to a local path and use Microsoft 
> synctoy to sync with the path in M: when online.
> For Gods sake, disable offline file function in XP. 

Yes I agree here.  You can hack the registry to save the Local Settings 
folder with the roaming profile, or change the location of outlook.pst.  
But when your users aren't locally on your network, they won't have a 
connection to M:, hence outlook breaks.  Here we use Seamonkey and IMAP, 
so that all mail stays on the server.  You should really be using imap, 
it helps keeps the profile smaller, and with the mail being stored on 
the server, its better for backups and archiving.  I also agree to 
disable offline files.  If it syncs when logging off, its no better then 
using a roaming profile, and if you have it sync at a certain time of 
day, if the user makes any changes after that time, they are log when 
they unplug themselves.  Personally, I use roaming profiles, and tell my 
users if they are taking a notebook out of town, copy the files they 
think they will need to their desktop because i redirect my documents to 
a folder on their home drive to make the roaming profiles save and load 

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