[Samba] implicit locking?

LÉVAI Dániel leva at ecentrum.hu
Fri Jan 23 14:36:56 GMT 2009


Is it possible to introduce an implicit server-side file locking 
mechanism in samba(3.2.5), so if one opens a shared file for writing, 
then a new user won't be able to open it for writing, but only read-only.
Currently the following options are in the config file:
# testparm -v |fgrep -i lock
         kernel oplocks = Yes
         lock spin time = 200
         oplock break wait time = 0
         lock directory =
         block size = 1024
         veto oplock files =
         blocking locks = Yes
         fake oplocks = No
         locking = Yes
         oplocks = Yes
         level2 oplocks = Yes
         oplock contention limit = 2
         posix locking = Yes
         strict locking = Auto



LEVAI Daniel
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