[Samba] [Release Planning 3.2] Samba 3.2.8 on February 03, 2009

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Jan 13 21:51:29 GMT 2009

Michael Adam wrote:
> one more missing piece of information:
> please put the script update-pkginfo.sh into packaging/bin/
> Thanks - Michael
I applied the 3 patches from the bugzilla page that you and Karolin 
uploaded.  Then I put the script in samba-3.2.7/packaging/bin and ran it:

[root at roark bin]# ./update-pkginfo.sh
~/samba-3.2.7/source ~/samba-3.2.7/packaging/bin
./script/mkversion.sh: 'include/version.h' created for Samba("3.2.7")
VERSION: 3.2.7

and then ran makerpms.sh but still get the same error about mount.cifs 
not compiling.  am I doing something wrong?

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