[Samba] Problem with Active Directory...

David BERCOT samba at bercot.org
Mon Jan 5 13:15:01 GMT 2009


I have some problems with Samba and Active Directory.
Here is the beginning of my smb.conf (on Debian) :
        realm = AC-NANTES.JUSTICE.FR
        workgroup = AC-NANTES
Users from this domain (AC-NANTES) have no problem to log on...

Now, I'd like to do the same with another user from another domain :
AC.JUSTICE.FR who is in a global security group in AC-NANTES (I use
this global group for ressources access). And there, when I try to
validate this user (AC\utilisateur.paris), I have this message :
check_ntlm_password:  Checking password for unmapped user
[AC]\[utilisateur.paris]@[XP-DAVID] with the new password interface
[2009/01/05 12:01:04, 3] auth/auth.c:check_ntlm_password(224)
check_ntlm_password:  mapped user is:
[AC-NANTES]\[utilisateur.paris]@[XP-DAVID] [...] [2009/01/05
12:01:04, 2] auth/auth.c:check_ntlm_password(319) check_ntlm_password:
Authentication for user [utilisateur.paris] ->
[utilisateur.paris] FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER
[2009/01/05 12:01:04, 3] smbd/error.c:error_packet(146) error packet at
smbd/sesssetup.c(99) cmd=115 (SMBsesssetupX) NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

If I well understand, Samba tries to validate the user from its domain
and not from his real domain...
Is it possible to validate a user from another domain (in the same
AD) ? Can we put many domains in Samba configuration ?

Thanks a lot for any idea ;-)


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