[Samba] Tunneling over SSH

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Tue Feb 24 22:52:56 GMT 2009

Kevin Bailey wrote:
> Also, we had trouble setting up a VPN from his house - can't remember 
> the details apart from the fact that it was BT's fault!

Was this using OpenVPN or PPTP? OpenVPN is much more flexible than PPTP 
and will happily work across all but the most stubborn connections  
(also it doesn't rely on GRE which is what has caused me the most VPN 

I haven't used Sage before, but if it is opening the data files directly 
off a share (which would seem to be the case) then you may run into 
issues using it remotely. I have had users insist on running MYOB and 
Quicken over VPNs, if they are lucky it is almost unusable and they give 
up, a couple have had issues with file corruption.

Have you considered RDP? This would allow quick and easy access from 
most connections without any setup, it would be faster than pulling a 
large access file over a VPN and would be immune to corruption as a 
result of interrupted connections.

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