[Samba] Samba subnet cross browsing problem

Antonio Expósito antonio.exposito at ono.com
Sat Feb 14 09:25:30 GMT 2009

Hi all,


I am a happy user of SAMBA and I would like to improve my SAMBA
configuration to support cross browsing between two subnets.


One subnet (subnet A) has the WINS and Domain Master named A.1 (Debian linux
machine). The other subnet B, has its own local master browser named B.1
(Centos 4) and I configured it to remote sync and remote announce to the A.1


Subnet A has 10 Windows clients which can browse among them (inside subnet
A), they can see the other clients in subnet B but they cannot browse it.


Subnet B has computer B.1 which is the local browser of that segment, and
also acts as router with two interfaces, one for the NET A and the other for
the NET B. Ipforwarding is enabled for these interfaces. All clients in
subnet B are configured with WINS, pointing to A.1.


I can ping, ssh, 
 between all the computers in both subnets, but I cannot
make nmbloockup from A.1 the subnet B clients, and from B.X I cannot
nmblookup any subnet A client.


Which could be the problem?


Thanks in advance,




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