[Samba] Fw: W2KSP4 Problem

Javier Colella jacolella at afip.gov.ar
Wed Dec 23 05:05:23 MST 2009

Yes approval = test/prueba anda host-seeking ignore it.

A enviroment test was gone.

Yes it the same name and SID.


Sorry for my English


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2009/12/22 Javier Colella <jacolella at afip.gov.ar>:
> Approval by host-seeking was gone (samba + ldap approval) when we try to
> pass it on to production and did not work. then tested the following mix-:
> Samba (approval) + ldap (production), did not work
> Samba (production) + ldap (approval), did not work
> Samba + ldap (production) did not work

I'm having some trouble trying to understand your message.

approval = test/prueba ?
host-seeking... Perhaps network browsing?

If I take into account those assumptions, then:

samba+ldap in "prueba" was working. Then you moved from "prueba" into
production but it didn't work.

Was it the same domain (name)? If so, had it the same SID?

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