[Samba] net ads join fails

McGranahan, Jamen jamen.mcgranahan at Vanderbilt.Edu
Mon Apr 27 14:13:07 GMT 2009

Environment: Sun Solaris 9 sparc

Software: Samba 3.3.3, KRB5-1.6.3, OpenLDAP-2.4.11



I've been able to verify that samba is compile corrected by issuing the
following commands:

Smbd -b|grep LDAP

Smbd -b|grep KRB

Smbd -b|grep ADS

Smbd -b|grep WINBIND


I've been able to successfully run kinit in the
/usr/local/krb5-1.6.3/bin/ directory. I did discover that just issuing
the kinit command was launching the Sun version of KRB. Once I figured
that out, I made a backup copy of that version, removed the Sun version
and created a sym-link to the 1.6.3 version. Now when I run kinit
anywhere on the server, it picks up the 1.6.3 version and launches


I've been able to successfully join our domain by running the following

lib240:/usr/local/samba/bin#./net ads join -U mcgranj


I've modified my nsswitch.conf file and re-started winbindd. However,
when I issue the following commands, I get nothing:


Wbinfo -u

lib240:/usr/local/samba/bin#wbinfo -u

Error looking up domain users


Wbinfo -g

lib240:/usr/local/samba/bin#wbinfo -g

Error looking up domain groups


Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



* Jamen McGranahan 

* Systems Services Librarian 

* Library Information Technology Services

* Vanderbilt University

* Suite 700

* 110 21st Avenue South

* Nashville, TN  37240

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* jamen.mcgranahan at vanderbilt.edu



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