[Samba] How to make fully working samba backup/migration?

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Sun Apr 26 19:39:55 GMT 2009


how to correctly make full and fully working samba backup?
I read articles and newsgroups seeing how many people failed because something 
was forgotten to be copied or saved and restored/merged.
Usually password and user accounts does not work.
What I found is most people copy:
the smarter copy also:
geeks knows they should also copy:
where tdb files are kept.

Looking at these gathered files I think I should also store file rights and 
user/owner of each file. Finally I should merge:
on new system with these I backed up from older system.

How to copy files from users' accounts at /home/* if files created by M$ 
Windows have characters in file names Linux can not handle during copy? How to 
preserve windows file rights when migrating samba from Linux to Linux?

I hope I identified all problems which may happen... If not tell me what I 
missed and tell me how to fix such problem.

Did I miss something or this is full list of operations to be done to have 
fully working samba backup?

have a nice day,

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