[Samba] Re: samba Digest, Vol 76, Issue 10

James Peach jorgar at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 04:00:54 GMT 2009

2009/4/10 Alex Thurley <alex.thurley at bonn-is.de>:
> Dear List,
> I wonder if somebody has a correctly working SMB service in Mac OS X Server
> 10.5.x. I've got here lots of "This process has forked.."

This is because a call to the Security framework touches a part of
CoreFoundation that is unhappy that Samba forks without a subsequent
exec. It's annoying but harmless.

> and "Broken Pipe"
> errors as described in this post:
> http://www.afp548.com/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=22295

Not really enough info to say what is happening here. the broken pipe
means that the client disconnected unexpectedly, but it's not clear
why. As some of the posters in that thread note, there is a bug in the
streams module where we return an error for reads after the
end-of-file (we ought to succeed but return no data).

> Would be nice if a Samba-guru could point us to the right direction.

Volker's suggestion to file a Radar with Apple is spot on.

James Peach | jorgar at gmail.com

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