AW: [Samba] Question about multiples logins at the same time

Marcelo Opazo Vivallos amarzeck at
Wed Apr 1 13:41:52 GMT 2009

2009/4/1 Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam at>:
>> If you have  a ldap and samba domain there is a way to restrict the login to
>> a single workstation
What is it made?... What is that variable?

>> Do you have any guideline or variable in Samba in the configuration
>> file it determines that a user can not logging at the same time, in
>> order to avoid same login from different places at the same time.
>> For now, what I plan is to use a startup script that through me like a
>> flag indicating whether logged kick then through some mechanism.
>> I accept all suggestions.
> How do you *reliably* detect that the user has logged off?

Here you can see through a script tell if the samba user logs on.

My PDC is Samba and LDAP

Thank for yours comment!

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