[Samba] invalid username error when accessing a share causes delay (but works...)

Poitras François-Joseph fjpoitras at mea.ca
Thu Sep 25 19:11:00 GMT 2008


(thanks to V. Lendecke and W. Ratzka who helped me with my previous question)

I've decided to set-up Samba using ADS security and it works fine.  The only thing is I have a 5-6 seconds delay when I access a share the first time after I login.  The delay occurs again if I've been logged in for a while but haven't gone to to the share and then try to access it.  Everytime this delay occurs I get this message in a file named SERVER_NAME.log under the Samba log folder

 "Username REALM\SERVER_NAME$ is invalid on this system" where SERVER_NAME$ is the name of the server from which a user is connecting to the shared folder and REALM is my realm specified in the smb.conf file and my krb5.conf file.

I've googled this but only found the information below:

This usually happens when a non unix-enabled account performs a network browse. It is often a workstation account, appearing as DOMAIN\HOST$. The account successfully authenticates itself to the samba server, but there is no UID associated with it (as it's not VAS-enabled). The messages are harmless, and indicate that some of your shares can't be accessed by non-unix enabled users.
To remove these messages, do ONE of the following:
1 - specify "log level = 0" in smb.conf. This will hide those messages.
However, I'm worried setting log level = 0 will prevent useful messages from appearing in my logs.  Does someone have any idea of what the best course of action is?  Let me know if you need any config info.

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