[Samba] Share name and file rights

Aaron Maley aaronm at edgewater.ca
Wed Sep 24 20:43:51 GMT 2008

For the first, what OS are you using for a client?

In terms of the second, you should be able to do what you're trying to 
do using the "directory mask" , "force create mode" and "force directory 
mode" on the shares in question. Check the manpage for further details.

Bengt Nilsson wrote:
> A question about share names:
> When we open a samba share, I want the symbol on my desktop to have 
> the name "johndoe at sambaserver1", not just "johndoe".
> This is because we have a number of different "sambaservers" that 
> johndoe can log on to, and it will be a mess on his desktop if he uses 
> several connections at the same time.
> i cannot find this feature in the docs (if I did i would't be here) 
> but I am sure it must exist.
> What entry should I add/modify in smb.conf to control this?
> A question about creation rights:
> Directories should have x-rights, and text files should not, otherwise 
> they will be regarded as like programs  or shell scripts in unix 
> environment.
> If I use create = 0700 directories are ok, but text files becomes 
> shell scripts, which I do not like. I cannot double-click on them in 
> CDE to popen them as documents.
> If I use create 0600 I cannot access my folders.
> Am I right or have I misunderstood someting?
> Is there a way to keep correct directory access and still handle 
> documents with -rw------?
> BN

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