[Samba] Re: Samba with 2 NICs

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 23:23:44 GMT 2008

Avery Payne wrote:
> hamacker wrote:
>> I did that.
>> I test, and everything is OK.
>> It's not misconfiguration.
>> When 2 NICs bonded (or 2 NICs only enabled), WinXP can logon into
>> domain and win95/98 can not. If I disable one NIC then any OS can
>> logon into domain.
>> I can't understand why WinXP can logon and win95/98 is not, if enable
>> 2 NICs on my system.
> The TCP/IP stack in Win95/98 was not exactly, um, "state of the art"
> (ping of doom anyone?).  It could be something as simple as the Win95/98
> stack doesn't support multihomed hosts properly.
> Try the following:
> * Make Win95/98 point to just ONE address only; use an LMHOSTS file with
> just ONE IP entry specified for the Samba server.
> * Make your Samba install a WINS server, and point the Win95/98 boxes at
> it.  This isn't supposed to matter, but then again, I've seen modern
> Win2k3 networks running WINS to help things along...
Another thought; are you using a managed switch?  A simple layer 2 
switch will get very confused if it sees the same MAC address twice on 
different ports, and will usually start multicasting over every switch 
port.  You might be getting duplicates/already ACKed packets twice or 
something to that effect.  I'm agreeing with parent post that the XP 
stack is probably better able to handle it when strange things start 
happening at the layer 2 level because you're bonding at layer 3.  My 
Win XP box seems to ACK both channels on an unmanaged switch with a 
bonded server feeding it.  I have no proof to back that up, but I find 
it fitting when the connection always maxes out at 50% like it's hit a 
glass ceiling.

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