[Samba] Re: Samba with 2 NICs

Avery Payne avery.p.payne at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 23:02:40 GMT 2008

hamacker wrote:
> I did that.
> I test, and everything is OK.
> It's not misconfiguration.
> When 2 NICs bonded (or 2 NICs only enabled), WinXP can logon into
> domain and win95/98 can not. If I disable one NIC then any OS can
> logon into domain.
> I can't understand why WinXP can logon and win95/98 is not, if enable
> 2 NICs on my system.

The TCP/IP stack in Win95/98 was not exactly, um, "state of the art"
(ping of doom anyone?).  It could be something as simple as the Win95/98
stack doesn't support multihomed hosts properly.

Try the following:

* Make Win95/98 point to just ONE address only; use an LMHOSTS file with
just ONE IP entry specified for the Samba server.

* Make your Samba install a WINS server, and point the Win95/98 boxes at
it.  This isn't supposed to matter, but then again, I've seen modern
Win2k3 networks running WINS to help things along...

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