[Samba] print job counter never decreases

Martin Schmid scm at apsag.com
Thu Sep 18 12:27:16 GMT 2008


I've a samba printing problem: while all cups handled printers work 
perfectly, a fax printer application recently stopped working because of 
the default 'max print jobs' of 1000. In reality, the spool directory is 

My question is: where ist this 'max print jobs' stored and how should it 
decrease or be decreased automatically or manually?
Is there a way for the 'print command' to tell samba to decrease the job 
counter after such job is processed?

I have set up a work-around by setting 'max print jobs = 0' but I really 
want to fix the problem permanently.

My samba is a 3.0.24

Martin Schmid
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