[Samba] dabase file and oplocks

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Tue Sep 16 06:29:30 GMT 2008

Hi all,
I'm using a Linux server (A) with samba 3.0.28 which exports a directory that 
contains database files (Dataflex .dat files) and that are mounted by a Linux 
machine (B) that runs Samba 3.0.2. Now the problem is that the files are 
corrupted when accessed by the machine B, even if the machine A exports the 
directory with oplocks = no, kernel oplocks = no and level2 oplocks = no. 
Before upgrading the samba on the server A I did not have such problem 
(before I was running samba 3.0.2). Now I'm experiencing this problem in data 
corruption. Any suggestion about how to get rid of this? Or how to better 
investigate and understand what is going wrong? What I've seen is that it 
seems the database is unable to get the lock on the files, since it allows 
two write at the same time with, of course, unpredictable results. I don't 
know what other configuration/experiment I can do.

Thanks for help,

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