[Samba] openvpn

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Sat Sep 13 22:35:34 GMT 2008

Larry Weldon wrote:
> I have a workgroup server with samba operating well and have configured
> openvpn on it. That also seems to be working well. I also have other
> servers at different locations with samba/openvpn working.
> To access the openvpn server I use Windows and manually map a drive to a
> drive letter using U: as \\servername\sharename 
> The shares work but I am mapping _through_ the samba server - that is I
> have a share on another machine (\\printserver\C on the local network)
> and I can access it remotely once the mapping to a drive letter is done
> - it is mounted at /mnt/printserver on the linux box and shared as
> "printserver" by samba so I map it as \\lwm_main\printserver.
> However, the program I want to run on the printserver is called Terrain
> Mapper and it requires the server to be specified as a unc
> representation (\\printserver\C) but I have set up everything on two
> separate networks, and TM installs OK on the
> remote client connected over the vpn but when it runs it's looking for
> the database host as a unc (\\printserver\C).
> How can I make this work? Being on the outside there is no 
> \\printserver.
You need a wins server on your local network and you need to route openvpn,
if you have more than one network attached to the openvpn server.

I'm assuming your local network consists of and
and the openvpn server sits on

Push the settings to the client from the openvpn server.
Assuming your openvpn server is on network
and you want to connect to servers on,
the openvpn.conf commands look like this:

push "dhcp-option DNS 192.168.1.x"
push "dhcp-option WINS 192.168.1.x"

push "route"
push "route"

and of course, one of the samba servers needs to be a wins server.

If  I assume your local network is and your openvpn client
address is on then

push "dhcp-option DNS 10.10.0.x"
push "dhcp-option WINS 10.10.0.x"

push "route"

and of course, one of the samba servers needs to be a wins server.

Regards, Doug

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