[Samba] Two samba related openldap overlays

Joel Reed joel.reed at visn.biz
Thu Sep 11 14:16:23 GMT 2008

Two openldap overlays that may be of interest to others.

In the first, I've hacked up Howard Chu's smbk5pwd openldap overlay to 
include the automatic addition of sambaNTPassword, sambaLMPassword, and 
sambaPwdLastSet attributes to any sambaSamAccount entries that are being 
ADDED to the directory.

WARNING: This overlay is ONLY useful with cleartext passwords.

In the second, I've modified my automatic uidnumber generator overlay to 
also add sambaSID's to sambaSamAccount entries that are being added to 
the directory. The algorithm used to generate the SID is the same as 
employed by smbldap-tools (2*uidNumber+1000). Currently, the samba 
domain SID is hardcoded to "S-1-0-0-". If you want to use this overlay, 
change this variable accordingly or teach the overlay how to read from 


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