[Samba] Samba + NFS + APACHE + PHP5 + Symfony

Fabio da Silva Junior fjunior at univali.br
Wed Sep 10 14:32:34 GMT 2008

Hello All, I'm new here so I expect to learn a lot using this mail list.
Let's directly to my problem.
I have here 2 servers, one running Apache + php5 + Symfony, and other server with Samba and nfs.
The web-server mount the data from the samba-server by nfs. there are developers that create and edit the data on the samba-server, but the Apache and Symfony create and edit data too, and i'm having serious troubles with permission.
The developers access de data by samba, with a single user. the web-server, when mount the data, have permissoin to write, but when he writes, the owner of the file is different from the owner in the samba server.
In other words, when the apache user write some data, the samba user cannot edit this data and vice-versa.
It's a little hard to explain, so i tried to make as easy as possible to show the problem.
I apreciate some help to solve this problem. 
Thanks for your atention
Fábio da Silva Júnior - fjunior at univali.br
Laboratório de Computação Aplicada - G10
Laboratório de Redes
UNIVALI - Universidade do Vale do Itajaí

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