[Samba] Samba + NFS + APACHE + PHP5 + Symfony

François Legal devel at thom.fr.eu.org
Wed Sep 10 15:31:08 GMT 2008

I think this is not so much samba related. Can't you just manage to make
the webserver user a member of a group, which samba users accessing the
files would also be member of ? Then you could only set the setgid bit on
directories, and that would do the trick.

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008 11:32:34 -0300, "Fabio da Silva Junior"
<fjunior at univali.br> wrote:
> Hello All, I'm new here so I expect to learn a lot using this mail list.
> Let's directly to my problem.
> I have here 2 servers, one running Apache + php5 + Symfony, and other
> server with Samba and nfs.
> The web-server mount the data from the samba-server by nfs. there are
> developers that create and edit the data on the samba-server, but the
> Apache and Symfony create and edit data too, and i'm having serious
> troubles with permission.
> The developers access de data by samba, with a single user. the
> web-server, when mount the data, have permissoin to write, but when he
> writes, the owner of the file is different from the owner in the samba
> server.
> In other words, when the apache user write some data, the samba user
> cannot edit this data and vice-versa.
> It's a little hard to explain, so i tried to make as easy as possible to
> show the problem.
> I apreciate some help to solve this problem. 
> Thanks for your atention
> Att.
> Fábio da Silva Júnior - fjunior at univali.br
> Laboratório de Computação Aplicada - G10
> Laboratório de Redes
> UNIVALI - Universidade do Vale do Itajaí

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