[Samba] Samba Group issues - LDAP

JB Hewitt - Blade blade at lansmash.com
Thu Sep 4 22:41:26 GMT 2008

Hi all,

Not exactly sure what's the problem here.  I use GoSA
(https://gosa.gonicus.de/) to create users in our LDAP system, and
lately when I create new users they don't have any Group associations
in Samba.

I have a bunch of groups in the LDAP tree as well as users.  The
server uses libnss_ldap and pam_ldap to access the ldap tree.

If use do getent group then i'll see this...

# getent group
domainusers: user1, user2, user3
specialusers: user1, user2, user3

Which is correct, and those users are indeed in those groups when I
look in the LDAP tree.  However if I login to a Windows machine on the
Samba domain as user3, I'll only see SAMBADOMAIN\None.

user1 and user2 will both correctly see SAMBADOMAIN\domainusers,
SAMBADOMAIN\specialusers .

The LDAP tree is right, UNIX is showing the group is right, it's just
samba that isn't showing the correct groups.

I'm trying to find a command with net to show what users belong into
groups.  I don't use winbind so it's a bit tricky to find out.

What should I do to further diagnose the problem here?


 JB Hewitt


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