[Samba] Application settings saving for PDC.

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Thu Oct 30 13:39:15 GMT 2008

by default, windows does not copy the Local Settings directory in the 
profile to the roaming profile server.  Options are to edit ntuser.ini 
for each user and take out the Local Settings directory, or read pages 
210-212 of samba 3 by example.pdf on how to hack the registry for each 
user to redirect .PST files.

Brent Clark wrote:
> Hiya
> Im new to setting up a PDC for Samba, and there is just something I 
> was hoping to know about PDC in general.
> First off I got my PDC working (Thanks to the Oreilly Samba book), and 
> I can log in and out my two test desktops.
> Therefore the test files / folders created on the desktop, do get 
> copied to the profile, so everything works hunky dory.
> The question I now would like to know about is application setting etc 
> (e.g. mail clients).
> So for my senario test, if I create and set an account for my outlook 
> and I log out, why is that on my other test workstation, the settings 
> are not saved on the profile and / or carried across.
> My gf works at a bank and she tells me that when they move 
> workstations, that have too redo the account setting for outlook.
> Would someone be able to help me understand this, or am I doing 
> something wrong with samba, or why is this the case.
> Regards
> Brent Clark

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