[Samba] Application settings saving for PDC.

Brent Clark brentgclarklist at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 10:08:24 GMT 2008


Im new to setting up a PDC for Samba, and there is just something I was 
hoping to know about PDC in general.

First off I got my PDC working (Thanks to the Oreilly Samba book), and I 
can log in and out my two test desktops.

Therefore the test files / folders created on the desktop, do get copied 
to the profile, so everything works hunky dory.

The question I now would like to know about is application setting etc 
(e.g. mail clients).

So for my senario test, if I create and set an account for my outlook 
and I log out, why is that on my other test workstation, the settings 
are not saved on the profile and / or carried across.

My gf works at a bank and she tells me that when they move workstations, 
that have too redo the account setting for outlook.

Would someone be able to help me understand this, or am I doing 
something wrong with samba, or why is this the case.


Brent Clark

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