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I don't know who are you replying to.

Quoting "Jason A. Nunnelley" <jason at jasonn.com>:

> Norberto Bensa wrote:
>> On Friday October 24 2008 11:50:53 Steven Geerts wrote:
>>>                workgroup = LOCALDOMAIN.BE
>> Are "." valid in workgroup names?
>> I remember having problems with mine, so I changed the dot to a "_"
> It depends on if .be is the TLD, and in many cases I would think this
> is not what you mean to do.  If it's a local domain, I'd make it just
> localdomain.  If you're using just a LAN network, the .whatever TLD is
> not necessary and will likely promote confusion in your network.  Some
> folks add .local, but some systems automatically do that in their add
> scripts (Windows).
> Be mindful about this.
> Keep in mind that blah.some.tld makes blah a different domain than
> some.tld, so if you put a dot in any name (before the tld) you're
> establishing a unique domain.
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> Jason A. Nunnelley
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