[Samba] Problem installing samba

David Eisner deisner at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 20:55:59 GMT 2008

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 3:28 AM, De Mingo Perez <jmdemingo at yahoo.es> wrote:
>    I am installing samba by first time and I've problems. I've downloaded samba 3.2.4 version. The machine is Sun with Solaris. After execute .configure, i execute .install make with the next errors:
> ./install-sh -c bin/libtalloc.so.1 //usr/local/samba/lib
> if test -e bin/libtalloc.so.1 ; then \
>         ln -s -f `basename bin/libtalloc.so.1` \
>                 //usr/local/samba/lib/`basename bin/libtalloc.so` ; \
> fi
> sh: test: argument expected
>     ¿Can help me someone?

Sorry for the delayed response.  There don't seem to be too many
Solaris users, and we wind up being the beta testers. :-)

The problem is that the Makefile uses /bin/sh for the SHELL macro, and
on Solaris, the /bin/sh 'test' built-in doesn't understand '-e'.  From
the test(1) manpage:

     -e file                 True if file exists. (Not  available
                             in sh.)

The normal way to workaround this is to set the CONFIG_SHELL
environment variable to /bin/ksh before running configure, but
unfortunately Samba's Makefile.in has SHELL=/bin/sh hard-coded into it
(i.e. not "SHELL = @config_shell@").

So, what you have to is edit the Makefile after you ./configure,
changing the line




and everything should work OK.


David Eisner     http://cradle.brokenglass.com

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