[Samba] dfree causing write access problems

Mike Gallamore mike at mpi-cbg.de
Thu Oct 9 09:30:21 GMT 2008

Hi I'm having problems with the dfree option on a Solaris 10  
fileserver. Specifically: I had 3.0.X on the fileserver and the dfree  
option worked fine. I upgraded to 3.2.2 and now if dfree is enabled  
the clients get 1MB reported as the size of the share and when a  
client tries to right to the system they get told that the filesystem  
is full. The script output has been tested throughly and reports:
<quoted size><space><free>

system: Solaris 10
base filesystem: SAM QFS 4.5 with quotas enabled

clients: variety, mostly Macs (Tiger and Leopard), some Windows and  

The idea is to use dfree to fake disk sizes so that it reports the  
quota size for a project and the amount that is still free rather than  
the base system size. This is very important to us as we have users  
with 50GB shares that are reporting 4TB or something whatever happens  
to be the free space on the array at the time. Using samba quotas  
isn't an option because we don't want two quotas to update and some  
project shares get NFS mounted as well, so we need the quotas down to  
the host filesystem level.

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