[Samba] Timeout on reconnection?

Darrel Barton darrel at lantera.com
Wed Oct 15 22:27:00 GMT 2008

I have Red Hat Linux  RHEL 4 with Samba version 3.0.10-1.4E  that mounts a 
local Windows 2003 Server disc with the following command:

/sbin/mount.cifs //img1/docs /var/www/documents -o 

The mount succeeds and the mount appears on the output of 'df' and the 
documents are accessible and life is as grand as we deserve.
But almost once a day and almost at the same time each day, something 
happens and the documents are not accessible and the access programs hang 
... and the 'df' command also hangs at the out of the Samba mount

1)  "img1" is the name of the Windows server and is identified by name in 
the /etc/hosts file
2)  During the blackout, the Windows Server is up and all the other PC's on 
the network CAN STILL access the documents
3)  Logs on Linux show nothing of value (that I know what to look for)
4)  Event logs on Windows show nothing at that/those times

5)  About 15-17 minutes after the hang/blackout occurs, the calls complete 
and business returns to normal [sic] until the next time

Stopping & restarting Samba doesn't help, probably because the processes 
hanging for access don't actually shut down -- but naturally, rebooting 
Linux corrects the issue (until the next day)

Is there some sort of timeout/retry settings in play?   Any other suggestions?



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