[Samba] chdir failed errors

Doug Tucker tuckerd at engr.smu.edu
Wed Oct 15 22:08:19 GMT 2008

I get these errors constantly in the logs:

Oct 15 16:52:43 agentsmith smbd[29896]: [2008/10/15 16:52:43, 0]
Oct 15 16:52:43 agentsmith smbd[29896]:   chdir
(/users2/seasadm/khubbard) failed 

But I don't have reason to believe they are not actually getting in (no
one is reporting any issues).  It has been like this for as long as I
can remember.  The users don't authenticate to samba, samba is a member
of the AD, so the users authenticate to their machine and their home
drives to samba are automatically mapped without them putting in a
password, so I don't think this is due to any kind of authentication
issue.  Should I be concerned with this or is it meaningless?



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