[Samba] Server Migration Problem

Matt Skerritt matt.skerritt at agrav.net
Fri Oct 3 02:05:28 GMT 2008

Problem solved!

Apparently the SID for the domain doesn't matter when there's an LDAP  
server, as samba reads the sid from the LDAP entry for the domain (it  
does a search for sambaDomainName=<DOMAIN>).

My problem was rather patheticly simple. Turns out that solaris  
seperates out the nmbd and smbd process. I had turned on samba (smbd)  
but not wins (nmbd). I've enabled wins, and everything's fine now -  
except that I feel dreadfully embarrassed ;)

On 02/10/2008, at 6:26 PM, Matt Skerritt wrote:

> Gidday
> I am in the process of finishing a server migration (to a new  
> server), and am having problems with samba on the new server.  The  
> old server was running samba 3.0.22-r3 on a Gentoo machine, and the  
> new server is running Samba 3.0.25a on a Solaris 10 machine. I have  
> copied the files across OK, I have copied the samba configuration  
> OK, samba runs fine, connects to the ldap backend fine, seems to  
> check passwords fine, and even lets me connect to the file shares  
> just fine.


Matt Skerritt
matt.skerritt at agrav.net

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