[Samba] files disappearing from Samba server

Onatawahtaw onatawahtaw at yahoo.ca
Thu Oct 2 17:35:02 GMT 2008


Can you verify from the server that the file is gone as well. Could it be that the file actually does exist on the server, but they cannot see it on the Windows mount?


> I've had dozens of
> kids come up to me and claim that they've written files
> to their mapped
> shares (P: maps to their home directory when they log onto
> a Windows
> machine), and the files have disappeared.  Teachers have
> confirmed that
> they've looked over the kids shoulders while
> they're saving files, and
> checked when they were done by accessing the drive via My
> Computer, and
> the files are there, but the next day they're gone. 
> Sometimes they say
> a kid will write a file to the server, and not get any
> error message,
> but when they go to My Computer, the file's no where to
> be found.  


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