[Samba] nmbd fails to start - permission denied

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Wed Oct 1 19:12:28 GMT 2008

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Hopefully this is not taken as rude: Disabling/setting permissive
SELinux (particularly for an app that ships with the distribution) is
the WRONG way to go, and is not required. It's a good way to figure if
it is SELinux that is the problem, but the real solution is to fix the
problems with the setup. Frequently it's nothing more than using
restorecon or chcon. None of this stuff is rocket science, and is there
to help keep admins from getting called in to clean up after intruders.

Onotsky, Steve x55328 wrote:
> Danke, Volker.  SELinux bit me in the ass again; I set it to permissive,
> rebooted, and voila - nmbd starting.
> I wonder why it fails during boot/via the script, but runs manually...
> Cheers
> Steve
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>> Once all of that was in place, I started up Samba via the Red Hat
>> startup script, but nmbd failed to load.  The nmbd.log file indicates
>> that it can't open the smb.conf file, with the error "Permission
>> denied".  I've verified that unprivileged users can change into the
>> directory where the config file resides, and I've given full (777)
>> permissions to the file.  It also fails at boot time.
> Is it possible that you have something like SELinux
> installed? If yes, please deactivate that and try again.
> Volker
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