[Samba] OSX client, Linux server, permissions problem

barsalou barjunk at attglobal.net
Wed Oct 1 03:40:04 GMT 2008

Quoting Brian Gregorcy <brian.gregorcy at utah.edu>:

>> My first reaction to this is that the resource files aren't getting  
>>  created or the user no longer has permissions...but I'm still   
>> learning.
>> So either way you set 'unix extensions' it causes one or the other   
>> problem?  Can you please clarify?
> Yes that is what is happening.  If I set
> unix extensions = off
> One of my macs can't access anything on a share, we can see the icons
> but when you click on the file it disappears (via finder)
> If I comment out the above line a different mac when writing to the
> users home directory that has a public_html folder that our webserver
> can read, sets the file permissions to 700
> --Brian


Are you always using the finder?  If so, do you have any success using  
smbclient from terminal?

Mike B.

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