[Samba] false local printer settings

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Thu Nov 27 07:58:13 GMT 2008

Alexander Busam schrieb:
> Hi,
> I installed a printer via cups, did the driver installation as described 
> in Procedure 5.17. Steps to Install Printer Drivers on the Samba Servers 
> (Samba-3 by Example). I changed the paper-size in the printer-settings 
> and the device-settings from letter to A4.
> After the installation of the printer on a workstation, I got the wrong 
> local printer settings (again letter instead of A4).
> Best regards,
> Alex
Should work. Are you sure, that you changed the settings in the 
"Advanced - Printing defaults" (in german: Erweitert - Standardwerte) 
tab and not using the "Printer settings" button in the first tab?

If not, you've only changed the settings in your local "per user" 
registry and not on the samba server.

If you did it, please tell a bit more about the samba version and the 
driver you're using. And make sure, that the user of the workstation has 
no local device mode for this printer. The local device mode (which is 
created, when you enter the "printer settings") allways overwrites the 
default devicemode (which is provided by the samba server).


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