[Samba] How to allow users to empty their recycle bins (VFS recyle)

Manuel Menezes de Sequeira Manuel.Sequeira at iscte.pt
Wed Nov 26 16:45:37 GMT 2008

Hi all,


I recently configured Samba (Version 3.0.22-13.30-1290-SUSE-CODE1) to use
recycle bins. Everything seems to be working fine. However, users are
currently unable to empty their recycle bins. Here are the relevant lines of
the configuration file:


        vfs objects = recycle full_audit

        [removed audit configuration lines]

        recycle:keeptree = Yes

        recycle:touch = Yes

        recycle:versions = Yes

        recycle:maxsixe = 0

        #recycle:exclude = *.tmp

        recycle:exclude_dir = @Bin,*@Bin


        [some share]

        read only = No

        create mask = 0660

        directory mask = 0771

        path = %H

        inherit acls = Yes

        vfs objects = recycle full_audit

        recycle:repository = %H/@Bin

        recycle:directory_mode = 0771


When a user enters his/hers @Bin directory after deleting some file or
directory, the complete tree is there, with the removed item, as required.
When the user tries to remove the topmost directory of this tree, say
@Bin/Dir, it is deleted, but it is still inserted into the recycle bin,
though now as @Bin/@Bin/Dir. Hence, users cannot get rid of their own trash,
which is extremely annoying to them, as well as

inconvenient: since the disk occupation grows more rapidly, we have to
reduce the amount of time items may remain in the recycle bin.


Are there any solutions for this problem?


Best regards,




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