[Samba] Mac .DS_Stores

Mike Gallamore mike at mpi-cbg.de
Tue Nov 25 10:45:01 GMT 2008

Hi all. We have a file server using samba with a lot of Mac clients.  
Mac uses files called .DS_Store to store information about the layout  
of the files in the directory. We have a hierarchal storage system,  
and don't want to back up the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands  
of .DS_store files. Currently we have a policy in place that these  
files don't get backed up, but they still get created in the samba  
shares, which is annoying because when a non-Mac user accesses the  
folder there are a bunch of these files that they don't care about,  
and when you restore something you get thousands of warnings that  
these files can't be restored. Has anyone out there found a better  
solution for Mac clients? I guess my concern is if I block the files  
from being created in the first place the Mac clients will go bonkers  
because they can't change the view of the directory.

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