[Samba] Print only server

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Tue Nov 25 08:30:24 GMT 2008

Matthew Daubenspeck schrieb:
> On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 10:43:28AM +0900, Michael Heydon wrote:
>> Have you loaded the drivers onto the server or just set up the printer on 
>> the client and loaded the drivers there?
>> If you load the drivers onto the client then the client will try to talk to 
>> the printer slightly differently than if it pulls the drivers from the 
>> server, the result is something like what you describe.
>> The quick solution is "use client drivers = yes", the proper solution is to 
>> load the drivers onto the server.
> I am trying to load the drivers via my WinXP workstation but all the
> options listed to add drivers is greyed out. I am assuming this is the
> case because I cannot connect as root (or any other user) due to the
> face that since I wanted a complete open system, I had to use 
> security = share , correct? Whenever I have that set, windows will not
> prompt me for a password and if I try to connect via net use, it
> continues to say that the password or user is incorrect.
> I would like to skip the "use client drivers = yes" for obvious reasons
> of not having to have printer disks or drivers all over the place, plus
> making it easy to add printers for my staff.
> Is there no easy way to have an open ended system but still have the
> ability to upload drivers to the samba server?
Hi Matthew,

to make things work as you want them to you need to install printer 
drivers on your machine. There are a lot of howtos around and I believe 
you will need to read some of them. At least when you run into the next 

I definitly agree to your comments about cups. It became a desktop 
monster and is not intended to be used together with samba.
On the other hand it's the spooler most people use and you'll probably 
get more support when you use it.

About your open system. Have a look at the docs and read about "security 
= user" and "username map" parameter.
You can create a local user on the samba server, add it to your samba 
password backend (e.g. smbpasswd) and map all users to this user.

But I wouldn't recommend this. If a user updates his driver files on 
hist machine all files will be pushed to the samba server. After that 
all other users will pull the driver from the samba server again. You'll 
have lots of traffic.

The easist way would be to create a user to install the drivers and map 
all other users to guest.
The username map would look like this:

!root = matt
lp = *

This is the easiest system I could imagine to make things work.


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