[Samba] Outlook and roaming profiles?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Nov 21 07:52:31 GMT 2008

Still.. yes, agree it is dangerous to run pst from network.
but if you make sure you have good network components.
set you network card fixed to 1000Mbit Full of 100Mb full duplex.
and it is possible, at least, im running it now for almost 4 years.
very 4 months i ask my users to cleanup there outlook so the pst
wont get a to big size. I have had 1 damaged pst file in these 4 years
and that was because a computer problem. 

still. not recommended. 
scalix is a nice alternative. 
Imap with a DBMAIL backend is also nice or zarafa as email server is
also nice. im switching to zarafa atm. 


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>Aan: Thierry Lacoste
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>Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Outlook and roaming profiles?
>Thierry Lacoste schrieb:
>>> you may put pst files on a samba share, as the place
>>> where they get hosted is free configurable in outlook
>>> i e. you can setup their default place with an adm
>>> to users home which has normally nothing to do with profile share
>>> but as default a pst file can only be opened by one user at the same
>>> time, the other problem is open big pst files over the network
>>> is very slow and may damage the pst file,
>> Are there any recommandations about the maximum size of a 
>pst file hosted
>> on a samba server ?
>> regards,
>> Thierry
>Hi Thierry, depending on your network speed
>reality shows that you might get into Problems
>if a pst file grows bigger then 0,5 GB
>dont use the idea of hosting default Outlook
>pst files on samba or whatever windows server
>its ok for backup pst files which you might use
>only in special cases , but not as default
>because outlook then does a lot of writes and reads
>in the pst so if any small network problem comes up
>you will loose parts or damage the pst file
>Best Regards
>MfG Robert Schetterer
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