[Samba] Outlook and roaming profiles?

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Wed Nov 19 19:35:45 GMT 2008

it can be done, read pages 209-213 of samba 3 by example.pdf.  you can 
redirect the PST files to a network share, or modify the registry to 
carry the local settings directory (by default it doesn't) but this will 
lead to large profiles and users asking why its taking a long time to 
log in/out.

Ong Chin Kiat wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm trying to migrate from a workgroup based Samba server to a domain based
> Samba server.
> I need the following features
> - Roaming profiles
> - LDAP based user administration / authentication
> I think the LDAP part is mostly doable, though I do foresee some hair
> tearing, but my main concern is with the roaming profiles.
> Users do not have a fixed workstation and log-on to whichever workstation is
> available. However, they need to be access their mail through Outlook. This
> is the crucial point. AFAIK, there is no way to use Outlook with roaming
> profiles. A quick search on the Microsoft website indicates that I would
> need an Exchange server to implement roaming profiles+mail.
> My question is - can it be done without Exchange (ie using PST files)? My
> understanding is that the size of the PST files prohibits roaming profiles.
> FWIW, my mail configuration is IMAP based, not POP-based, so it _might_ make
> the PST files smaller, though I'm not sure.
> Thanks.

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