[Samba] Re: Samba + Vista Issue

Peter Slickers pesli at web.de
Tue Nov 18 23:33:52 GMT 2008

Adam Stirk wrote:
> I'm experiencing a problem with samba v3.2.4 and windows vista. If I
> access my samba share via the ip address e.g. \\\share
> <file:///\\\share>  windows will authenticate against the
> samba server and bring the share up, but if I use the dns name e.g.
> \\server.domain.local\share <file:///\\server.domain.local\share>  i'm
> faced with the logon box.

I guess that name resolution is not working properly.

Please open the command line interface on your Vista box and
type the following commands:

   ping server.domain.local
   ping server

If that is successful, try the 'net use' command:
   net use server


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