[Samba] The way things used to work...

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Nov 18 14:09:16 GMT 2008

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Dragan Lukic wrote:
> So, 18 days and 375 posts later..... no answer to my question?
> Looks like I just want impossible: simple share with no limits, but with local 
> user permissions for remote users. And NO I do not wish to use user level 
> security, as users that have to use those shares hardly can cope with more 
> basic stuff, than it is login to someone else's share via username&password.
> Anyhow, in my previous post I have presented my non working (only on samba 
> 3.2.3) smb.conf and I need help in getting it to work (again on samba 3.2.3 or 
> later). I hope that conf is self explanatory, but if it is not, please ask me 
> and I will clarify.

Hey Dragan,

You mail is a little hard for me to follow.  Can you explain in about 2 - 3
sentences what you want to do ?

cheers, jerry
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